Filters not working sometimes

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Filters not working sometimes

Postby focus » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:02 pm

Hi! Why the default filters can be skipped sometimes?

As example,

I facing this issue after refreshing already loaded and well-filtered page - first time I load page (it isn't cached yet) I see all filters works great, but after refreshing the page, banners often appear and I don't see the needed (and exists in the Default filters though) filters in the Logs->triggered filters for those banners.
Triggered filters are seen in the Logs only when I load page first time (or refreshing it after emptying the cache).

I can reproduce this both in IE 9 and Chrome 14, so I think it could be reproduced in any other browsers.

I use last AM beta build - v4.93 Beta Build 32869/3725.
Windows 7 x64 (Rus).
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