[FIX] Opera problems with blank and corrupted pages

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[FIX] Opera problems with blank and corrupted pages

Postby Galnospoke » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:03 am

I probably fixed Opera problems with Ad Muncher. From years this combo generate one major problematic situation (especially new beta 12.x version): sometimes and randomly loaded pages were blank or incomplete. Fix is simple and works fantastic - I test it for 24 hours and NO ONE page is corrupted. More: content load is faster, miniatures on YT always load etc.

In opera:config change

Code: Select all
"Network Buffer Size" (default 128) -> 512
"Reflow Delay Load" (default 200) -> 500   
"Reflow Delay Script" (default 500) -> 1000

That is it! Solved! If someon can confirm maybe Ad Muncher team should inform Opera Team about this bug/incompatybility.

BTW: I am not sure that this new values are in 100% optimal for others but definitly works on my system.
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