(Plain) WebSockets and AdMuncher

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(Plain) WebSockets and AdMuncher

Postby HansPeter » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:33 pm


while iam trying to use Websockets, AdMuncher modifies the Header 'Connection' from 'keep-alive, Upgrade' to 'Keep-Alive' (tested on Firefox v16/17).
Due this change the Websocket server denies the connect (400 Bad Request).

Even when i set a filter like <domain> No filtering on URL, it still happens. When i close AdMuncher it works fine.
Of course if i use https websockets it works fine also...

Imo AdMuncher should not modify the 'Connection' Header while trying to connect including a Header 'Upgrade: websocket'.

My current AdMuncher version is 4.93.33707/4337

Best Regards.

Even Flash fallback gets modified...
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