mute/unmute the sound of Flash Movies

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mute/unmute the sound of Flash Movies

Postby peace-frog » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:47 pm


I'm a satisfied user of Ad Muncher for a long time. Thank you for this piece of software, which makes my web-experience much better!

Lately I found very bothering Flash-Movies, for example when entering a page (Intro-Flash-Movie). On this Flash Movies (or other Flash Movies I want to see) sometimes the sound starts in a very annoying and loud way. In additon, very often my MP3-Player is running in the backround. When such kind of "soundy" Flash Movie now starts, it kills my ears and I can't hear my MP3-Player any more. Now I found a software called "FlashMute", which can mute/unmute the sound of Flash Movies: *ttp://

Is it possible to add a such a feature to Ad Muncer to mute/unmute the sound of Flash Movies? Then I don't need an additional software :)

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