I've run Ad Muncher for almost 10 years!

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I've run Ad Muncher for almost 10 years!

Postby SweetBearCub » Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:54 pm


I'm having some trouble sleeping at the moment, and I was going through some recent emails, and this forum was in Jeff's email signature, so here I am. I thought I'd post my thoughts on this absolutely awesome piece of software.

A couple days ago, I submitted a report of ads on a page that Ad Muncher wasn't filtering out, and as I expected, I got a response within 48 hours. I forget how long exactly, but it was quick. As expected, the response (by Jeff) took care of the ads right away. I wish other companies I deal with would offer such responsive customer service.

Who would have thought that this little program would have become so invaluable to me? It's the very first program I install after I get a new PC, even before I do the OS updates or install my browser of choice.

To think.. My involvement with this program started maybe 10 years ago, sometime between '99 and '02. I forget exactly when, but I remember running a debug version, trying to help Murray track down the cause of page damage with Hotmail's (new at the time) interface. As I recall, I sent him some bug reports and log files, and somehow, I forget how exactly, I ended up with a free registration code, and I even got my name (a now deprecated screen name, Qang Martoq) in the credits section. To this day it's still there, which makes me smile when I see it.

Back then, Murray responded personally to emails. Now Jeff seems to do most of the customer contact. It lacks a bit of the "personal touch", but it's still great service nonetheless. :-)

Seems kinda weird, I remember when the "License" text box in the program had maybe 1 paragraph. My how it's grown.. :-|

You guys at Ad Muncher are in my thoughts, and if I ever land another job, I'll be donating to you. I've gotten so much good use out of this program that I feel compelled to.

Thanks for reading my insomniac ramblings, lol

Have a great day!
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