Military discounts? We dont have ANY bandwidth out here!

Post any ideas for promoting Ad Muncher here.

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Military discounts? We dont have ANY bandwidth out here!

Postby eclypse » Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:56 am

I'm a network engineer over here in Iraq, and I'm about to purchase this at full price, which to me as a civilian contractor is nothing, but to the average soldier is something they might have to sleep on. It's horrible that $30 is a lot to these guys, but to some, for a program that blocks ads, it can be. How about discounting those guys? It's not too difficult to verify them - just make sure they have a .mil email address. Contractors, DoD, DA, etc are all given whats referred to as "AKO" accounts that are, but only enlisted or contractors over here in Iraq and other foreign countries get the other specific .mil email addresses.

Just a thought, and it'd be patriotic of you!
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Re: Military discounts? We dont have ANY bandwidth out here!

Postby Lukian » Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:06 am

Well exactly, Ad Muncher itself provides you with a "discount" if you have "no" bandwidth (especially in the case you pay for bandwidth), by removing several to hundreds of megabytes of advertising content from pages you visit, saving you time, and in the latter case, money.

I once lived in student housing where my provider offered a pitiful 100MB per month free (this amount could be chewed up by automatically checking a POP email account for new messages), after which access was unavailable for the rest of the month -or- $132/GB excess (prepaid); Herein, Ad Muncher saved me money. Thankfully, I eventually found an old internal modem which worked on the PABX system, and was able to use dial-up, again where Ad Muncher actually made having "no" bandwidth bearable, saving me time.

Furthermore, Ad Muncher is an Australian company. Such discounts may not be applicable or permissible under trade law. Also, Ad Muncher's ordering system is handled by a third party, it may be difficult/impossible to implement such a discount system.

If enough good souls, like yourself, registered Ad Muncher, perhaps all paying customers could be given a small cash-back in the future.

In short, Ad Muncher already saves time/money. The more registered users, the better Ad Muncher will become, so Spread the Word!
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