Free give-away (special) like on helloween or christmas..!

Post any ideas for promoting Ad Muncher here.

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Free give-away (special) like on helloween or christmas..!

Postby iNsuRRecTiON » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:31 pm


this method is perfect to help spread Ad Muncher!

If you announce an free give-away (free licence..) special on/for one day like helloween or christmas, your app will become popular very fast!

I think this could be done, like others companies have done this already..

Like DivX Network (birthday of DivX and so free license for DivX Pro bundle and that day..);
Opera..of course/sure one month later or so it was getting free (without ads) for all..;
EssentialPIM Pro (helloween special, one day from 12 UTC/GMT to 12 UTC/GMT time (12 hours..), you was able to register for free and get the desktop or portable pro license..);
and some more other ones..

Maybe you limit this license to 2 years or so and then you can "upgrade" to full license with an discount of 50-75 % or so..

This would be a perfect promotion action.. :D

thx and best regards,

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Postby spyfrog » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:10 am

i think it would be cool to have free version with limited features but take the timer off of it :)

most companies get more ppl like that. but its only a thought :)
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